Tuesday, March 9, 2010

d'alya boutique giveaway

Jom sertai giveaway D Alya yang menarik ni!

in conjunction with their wedding anniversary this 14th of March, d'alya boutique is organizing a giveaway contest. Just a simple one... Whether you are a blogger or not, both can join. The more the merrier...

Contest start date: 1st March 2010
Contest end date: 31st March 2010
Result will be announced latest by 15th April 2010

d’alya boutique has generously offered: 
  1. Cloth Diaper Babyland Printed SpongeBob – 1 unit worth rm29 
  2. Cloth Diaper Coolababy Snap Button – 1 unit worth rm26 
  3. Coolababy Wet Bag – 1 unit worth rm25 
  4. Busha Legging Pant – 1 unit worth rm14
  5. Mystery gift for best photo of baby wearing CD or Busha
For 5 lucky babies!!!!
Jom jom kita jengah blog shop D Alya sekarang untuk tengok syarat2nya!

1 comment:

  1. salam...

    dtg jenguk... sorry yer lmbt announce the winner... dlm process... thx for joining my giveaway....